Aunt Sarah’s Dolls

Olivia Nadine couldn’t wait to arrive at her Great Aunt and Uncle’s home. Dolls of all shapes, shades, and sizes brightened each room.Some people collect seashells, postage stamps or decorative plates. Aunt Sarah collected dolls for more than 50 years. She inspired some of her nieces to start their own collections. Many others just enjoyed seeing Aunt Sarah’s newest dolls each time they visited.
Olivia Nadine’s eyes widened as she looked at all the dolls in the living room where they were sitting.
“Remember what I told you,” Mommy whispered to Olivia Nadine.
“These are Aunt Sarah’s treasures. Do not touch any dolls without asking.”
“Yes, Mommy.”
But what do you think happened? An eight-year-old girl learned that there’s nothing like an aunt’s love.

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